Artist’s Statement

Phil Constable is a site-specific, project based artist that uses many mediums to explore ideas and develop work. Phil exhibits  nationally and internationally.

Phil is interested in how space and objects hold memories, how stories and tells continue through time and what triggers the continuation. Phil is driven by the ghosts of the past, whether an empty high rise flat to a path in the woods. The engagement with these spaces and objects, their history and ghosts creates ideas and creative responses.

Phil Constable’s work draws on locational research through drawing, photography, video and sound recordings. Connecting his ideas as a response to surrounding environments, urban or rural.

Works include Memory & Space series video and light installations. The projected moving imagery intermittently interrupted by strip lights, creating an environment that is in flux, shifting between the ‘architectural space’ and the ‘memory space’. Permanent installations Half Life 01, Rural Projects, New York. Half Life 02, Wedgewood, Staffordshire funded and supported by Openvizor. In partnership with Openvizor and Dali University, China Phil Constable’s current project Half Life 03 is based in an abandoned school, is in progress.